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Passive house basics

The idea of the passive house is simple: by reducing the heat load needed you can build a house without a regular heating system. The name, passive house, describes the principle on which this concept relies: standard household appliances, lighting, even occupants are together enough to keep the house warm. Therefore, passive house's passive heating means basically no heating system. The concept has proven itself to function as expected in nearly 10 000 houses in Germany and Austria since the first prototype in 1991.

Passive house is a simple but high quality building concept, which includes superior insulation, design without thermal bridges, air tightness of the complete house and ventilation with heat recovery.

Solar energy is also used passively, without any special equipment or devices. Large high-quality windows facing to the south maximize heat gains and smaller window area to other directions minimize heat losses.

Passive house's concept is designed and planned by the Passive House Institut in Germany. Detailed information is available on the institute's homepages, in three languages (german, english, french), please see

Another recommended website to explore is surely the austrian , where you can find an active community and well-grounded informations to energy efficient building.

Informations related to the passive house are also available in Finnish, you can check for example the excellent and thoroughgoing site

The actual project is described in the next section "Building project". You may well ask the essential question here- is this concept going to work in Northern Finland? You can expect to get an answer partially as the building process proceeds, and finally in the next few years. Welcome to follow the project!


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