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This project was started in the spring 2007 by an intensive search for different options and possibilities of numerous Finnish companies providing houses.It seemed to be challenging to find firms offering detailed informations of the environmental aspects of their products. Finally, after various explorations into german and english sources another approaches of housebuilding were found. The passive house, energy efficient buildings, various materials, heat recovery systems, photovoltaics, wind energy and many many more aspects of ecological building were studied. During the first steps of planning there was one finnish and one german architect supporting and consulting the project manager.A request for bids was then sent to a dozen of companies but only a few reasonable offers were obtained. Actually only one offer was fulfilling the specifications of the request. One could say that the market is definitely not mature yet! Our choice was a finnish company,  Tiileri , which has been producing bricks since 1952 and they have fine customer service and suitable products.


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